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VentureSpell – The Social Fairy’s Unique Programs for Technology/Business Accelerators and Start-Ups

Over the past 3 years The Social Fairy has been a partner to the growth and success of numerous start-ups. The Social Fairy also works with one of Israel’s leading Technology incubators, communal work spaces, an Accelerator program and is connecting Start ups to Investors, when possible. From overall strategy and even business plans and…


Social Media Management Vs. Community Management

[This post was originally posted by me on Linkedin:] I often find myself having to explain potential clients what it is I do as a community manager (and why it sometimes costs more than what other professionals offer). I found this great piece from the Community Roundtable this morning. It’s not a new piece but…

Facebook Tips: Reputation Management

#Facebook tip: What NOT to do when an angry client writes on your page (based on a true story)

This post has been cooking up in my head for the last week and yesterday I decided to actually write it. I apologize in advance if it’s a long one, as I need to tell you the background story, but I’ll try to keep it as short as I can 🙂 I will start with…

Marketing Strategy Business to People

Stop wasting your time (and mine)! Thoughts on #marketing, stories and #people

I meet many people in various sectors, doing different kinds of business and I get to communicate with many brands. Almost always the meeting starts with a “tell me what you do” – usually from the CEO or otherwise business representative looking to perhaps hire me and my company for consults or community management service.…

Outsource Community Management

To outsource or not to outsource your community management

Outsource Community Management – Yes or No? As a community manager working mainly with young start-up companies, I often encounter hesitant clients asking whether or not outsourcing community management (and other services) is the wise thing to do. I can understand them completely. I bet you think my immediate answer would be “yes of course!…

Positive Marketing – Community Management

Rise to the challenge – start thinking of your marketing in a positive way

As a community manager and a marketing professional working with many start-up companies, I often encounter the terms “problem” or “pain” in business plans, executive summaries and one pagers, or just in the day to day discourse. I am not sure whether it is a template they all use or a habit, but there is something…