Online Marketing Workshops / Lectures

Elinor Cohen, the founder of The Social Fairy, is an experienced Community Manager with a novel approach she likes to call “Community Management +”. Elinor has been helping brands grow and engage with their communities since 2012 as The Social Fairy, and before that in various positions she has held. Elinor has given lectures and courses on Social Media, Community Management and Online Marketing in Academic Institutes, Colleges and technology hubs. She has been addressing and inspiring entrepreneurs and other people through her words, both written and spoken, for years. Elinor is available for public speaking engagements, webinars and workshops. To book a lecture or a workshop, please contact us.

Social Media Workshops/Lectures

Social Media has become an inseparable part of any brand’s or company’s marketing strategy. To master Social Media you have to learn quite a lot. While the field is pretty much, “breached” with no real formal or academic training offered, it’s up to you to select a course or go hear a lecture to educate yourself. We realize that many times people do not have the budget to pay a Social Media Manager to do the work for them and, at least for a while, need to promote their brand on their own. We also strongly believe that even when you do decide to outsource your online marketing to a service provider, it is crucial that you are at least familiar with the channels, the jargon, the tools and the way reports look, so you can stay on top of things. It is your business after all.

We therefore devised several options ranging from one-on-one training or workshops, through a small group workshop all the way to complete courses on social media, best practices, news and changes and how to select the correct mix of social media for your brand. All classes can be given on site or remote (webinars) and are given by Elinor Cohen, the founder of The Social Fairy. To book a workshop or a course please contact us.