Website Keyword Research

Content is king. Everyone knows that by now but how do you create content that is worthy of ruling your field? Your content should be relevant to your target audience and it should be competitive so that you rank as high as possible on search engines. The way to do that is to plan your content after you’ve done extensive keyword research. Keyword research is more than just searching on google. It is the mastery of various tools and statistical analysis of results.

Writing and Rewriting Marketing Content

Once we have our keywords in order we can create content that works. Sometimes it will be rewriting existing content and materials such as brochures, technical specs or website content. In other times it will be creating these materials from scratch.

Website Content

Marcom or Marketing Communications is made up of more than one type of marketing content. The offline marketing and the online marketing worlds speak a different language even when it comes to the same product and / or audiences. When creating website content we take your marketing messages and translate them to “web lingo”. We also plan for static content (pages that won’t change at all or much) and dynamic content.

Blogging & Blog Marketing

Dynamic content on any website is key to marketing, becoming a thought leader in your field and ranking high on search engines. In other words, if content is King, distribution of this content is its Queen. A blog is the easiest and most approachable way to engage your community. Blogging is yet another way of writing, it is taking your marketing writing down another notch and communicating your thoughts, experience and knowledge to your target audience at eye level. To blog correctly is an art in itself, more than how to write you need to know what to write about and when. Having a content plan is crucial.

SEO Articles

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is done in several ways and on several levels. There is the technical aspect of having your site built correctly code wise and having all the right link structures and fields for Meta tags. Then there is the organic promotion, based on content. In addition to having your site content and your blog written well using keywords, sometimes it is wise to include in your content or on external sites articles that are strictly for SEO purposes. Those would again be a whole new way of writing, focusing on keyword density and expressions.

Press Release Writing

Just like with business plans, there are many templates for writing press releases but as the content world and social media networks evolve, there is a growing need for press releases that work better. For this to happen, they have to be creative, unique, and sometimes mischievous, while still keeping the main rules.

Press / Bloggers Kit

We hope that your venture will be interesting enough for others – journalists and bloggers – to cover and write about. To ease their task we advise all our clients to prepare a good press and / or bloggers kit in a prominent place on their website. This kit essentially includes well written information about the company, the products or services and contact details for more information. A proper kit will also include high resolution branding materials and more key elements.

Investors Relations

Working with many star-up companies in various stages and fields has been fun and we love it. One of the best outcomes of this experience is that we have created a circle of many powerful connections with both potential investors and with other start-ups, ventures and large corporations. We love connecting people and businesses to create strong strategic partnerships that work for all parties. We can also help you find the much needed funding for your venture

Market Research

Before setting out to produce your product or offer your service, you’d want to know if your idea has a market, what the needs are, how many people may actually be interested in what you have to offer and who is your ideal target audience (numbers, demographic and how much they are willing to pay).

Launch Plan

Congratulations! You’ve got a great product or service, your new mobile app is a killer and you have your strategy laid out in front of you. It is now time to launch and let the world know about your great venture. Branding, launch events (virtual or real world), press releases, website, content and social media all tie in together to announce the birth of your new business.

Website Architecture Planning

When planning your new website there are elements that must be taken into account and they require knowledge and know-how of marketing, SEO, branding, positioning, content and web design trends. Your website is more than your online brochure or business card. It is your virtual office and has to be an active tool that works for you and with you rather than against you. Therefore, before you embark on the adventure of building a new website, make sure you consult with experts to come up with the optimal sitemap and best plan for your new site.

Personal Branding and Reputation Management

The Internet is not always a nice place. Many business owners forget that they are their business or at least the face of it. We are all human and we all have private lives but mixing our private life with our business profiles can cause damage. Reputation management and Personal branding are the processes of actively checking your present online visibility and impression and making the necessary changes to create a positive impact. This is not a one-time action but an ongoing process of monitoring and tweaking as needed.