Investors Relations

Working with many star-up companies in various stages and fields has been fun and we love it. One of the best outcomes of this experience is that we have created a circle of many powerful connections with both potential investors and with other start-ups, ventures and large corporations. We love connecting people and businesses to create strong strategic partnerships that work for all parties. We can also help you find the much needed funding for your venture

Strategic Planning / Consulting

Coming up with a great idea for a new venture is great but it can also be very lonely. You don’t have to be alone! Taking your idea and brain storming it with a strategic vision and plan in mind is always helpful to refine it, fine tune whatever is needed and plan ahead. When we help someone with their strategic planning we basically help them reach a better understanding of the business environment they operate within and how various elements and processes in that environment affect future operations of the business.

Go to Market Strategy

You know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. Do you know how to price your product or service correctly? Do you know how you will reach your clients? Go To Market strategy is all about finding the right distribution channels and the grand strategy of how to reach clients, how to grow sales and how to make it work.

Launch Plan

Congratulations! You’ve got a great product or service, your new mobile app is a killer and you have your strategy laid out in front of you. It is now time to launch and let the world know about your great venture. Branding, launch events (virtual or real world), press releases, website, content and social media all tie in together to announce the birth of your new business.

Enhancing Social Media Awareness

The first step on the journey of any business to success and visibility on the internet is understanding the lay of the land and rules of the game. Awareness to what’s out there, both from the venture’s point of view and from the end consumer/client’s point of view is crucial. We make it a point to help our clients and their clients educate themselves about social media, community management, marketing strategy and content as keys to success.

Online Community Management

Community Management is the art of listening to your communities. Yes, we say communities in plural, because no matter what your business or venture is, there is always more than one community you should be thinking about and whose needs you should be addressing. Successful creation and management of relevant communities is what we specialize in. To read more about how we perceive community management and why we say it is not just social media read the fairy scrolls 🙂

*Here is a great post in Hebrew about Community Management.

Personal Branding and Reputation Management

The Internet is not always a nice place. Many business owners forget that they are their business or at least the face of it. We are all human and we all have private lives but mixing our private life with our business profiles can cause damage. Reputation management and Personal branding are the processes of actively checking your present online visibility and impression and making the necessary changes to create a positive impact. This is not a one-time action but an ongoing process of monitoring and tweaking as needed.

Social Media Management

Social Media is key to any business visibility and marketing strategy today. However, not all social media was created equal. In Other words, what works for your next door neighbour might not work for you. This is why, whenever the fairies take on a new client, we first make sure we get a good understanding of the business – its goals, its services or products and its vision and the people who make that business tick. We are then able to formulate the optimal mix of social media channels for that specific business and its needs.