As community managers, our clients are one of our communities and our best asset.

We love them all. Truly!

Over the years, we’ve had the fortune to work with many start-up companies in various stages ranging from pre-seed to fully funded and working companies and from various fields from gaming, mobile apps, software, hardware and life sciences / medical device.

In addition to start-up ventures we’ve also put our spell on some larger international corporations and technology incubators.

But as true fairies, we have a strong affinity to shiny things and discovering new worlds so we also have clients that are jewelers, tourist agencies, holiday properties in Europe and also service providers, event planners, alternative medicine practitioners and more.

The Opportunity is NOW, Join the Fairy Ring!


  • Elinor is top notch Community Manager. She brought my business to a new level professionally and gave it a much needed boost. Elinor improved my website considerably and taught me how to market my business effectively. She is a pleasure to work with who always offered excellent suggestions and sound advice. Similarly, Elinor's warmth and engaging nature made it easy to work together. Anyone looking for a real professional Community Manager should reach out to her.
    RYB Technologies
    Miriam S. RYB Technologies
  • I attended a talk Elinor from the Social Fairy gave on Social Media Marketing. She is definitely well familiar with many different tools and knows all the ins and outs of how to put them to use for marketing purposes. The talk was fascinating and I was impressed.
    Michal L.
  • Working with The Social Fairy on a crowd funding project content was a real pleasure. Not only is the fairy a pro's pro and highly creative, but Elinor is the nicest person I ever had a chance to work with and it is a privilege for me to recommend her!  
    Dolor sit amet
    Motti F.
    Founder and CEO
  • I've been working with Elinor and her strategic partners for a few years now, even before the Social Fairy was created. These professionals really know what they're doing! whether it's marketing content, business development strategies or social media management.
  • I am working with the Social Fairy team for almost a year, they were there when my business was just a crazy idea. They helped me research the market and complete the agonizing task of writing my business plan. Elinor was amazing in translating that business plan into social media and community activity.  I consider the Social Fairy a true partner in my company.
    Michael B.
  • When we started working with the social fairy we had an "alright" web-site and personal profiles on Facebook. The fairy took things into her hands ( or under her wings) and built a wide and active community for us. We didn't even think it would be so successful, but as a result our business grew tremendously.
    Ilana G.
    VP Marketing
  • Our website was achieving poor results in search engines and receiving very little traffic, a friend recommended I talk to The Social Fairy for advice. Together we had an insightful process of keywords and market research, which led to re-writing our site content. Not only has our site traffic increased but we started getting feedback from our customers wanting more interesting professional content.
    Efrat B.
    Marketing Manager