Positive Marketing – Community Management

Rise to the challenge – start thinking of your marketing in a positive way

As a community manager and a marketing professional working with many start-up companies, I often encounter the terms “problem” or “pain” in business plans, executive summaries and one pagers, or just in the day to day discourse. I am not sure whether it is a template they all use or a habit, but there is something…

Thought Leadership

How to establish Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is one of the strongest buzzwords in the content marketing. When someone is considered to be a thought leader in a specific field it means that this person is thought to have a body of knowledge and authority regarding certain topics. A blog written by such person will often become an “authority blog”…

Social Media Resources

Top 100 FREE Social Media and Marketing Resources of 2012

For Social Media Managers: Got this on one of the groups on LinkedIn and decided to share it. In this era of information and knowledge curation it is important to share any resource others may find useful.

The Social Fairy wishes you all a prosperous 2013 filled with magic and fairy dust for success!