B2P – Business To People

B2P (Business to People) – A necessary paradigm shift in Marketing

Anyone in the marketing industry is familiar with the buzz words B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Client). Today, I want to talk about a new concept that I feel is necessary and I hope is budding – B2P(Business to People). No matter what business or industry you’re in, you must be working with…

Core Values in Business

Integrity & Professionalism – The core values of a good business

Today I want to write a bit about my core values. The Social Fairy stands for integrity and professionalism. Sure enough I have more than these two values guiding me but these are the most important ones, for me at least, in my work. Now, what does this mean? Simply put it means I never make a promise I…

Social Media Resources

Top 100 FREE Social Media and Marketing Resources of 2012

For Social Media Managers: Got this on one of the groups on LinkedIn and decided to share it. In this era of information and knowledge curation it is important to share any resource others may find useful.

The Social Fairy wishes you all a prosperous 2013 filled with magic and fairy dust for success!